Olivia Kennedy

“PetsFarewell have consistently provided a professional and sympathetic service over the years. They always exceed requirements both in care of both clients and of their beloved pets. They remain the only crematorium I would personally recommend and the only ones I would trust with my own much loved pets x”

Nicola Jean Greenaway

“I got my Samoyed done at the pet crematorium at PetsFarewell, their services where fantastic as they understood what I was going through & the box my dogs ashes where put in was lovely. You get a range of which you'd prefer between boxes & scatter tubes. I would highly recommend this to anyone, even when your feeling down the gift of receiving your ashes of your pet back from such a lovely team always makes you feel a lot better. x”

Mr & Mrs Nesbitt

“On the 16th September 2011 our beloved pet dog Sooty died, she was 19years and 4 month old. We were totally devastated as Mr Heffron the vet and ourselves tried in vain to keep her alive but it was not to be.

We contacted PetsFarewell Pet and Horse Crematorium to have her cremated they were so sympathetic to us. They collected her from the vets and two days later we received her ashes in a small casket.

They did everything they could to relieve our distress and we knew she would be treated with the respect and care we wanted for Sooty. We would like to thank PetsFarewell Pet and Horse Crematorium for all their help at that sad time.

We now have Sooty back home with us and she has a special place in our garden. We would highly recommend PetsFarewell Pet and Horse Crematorium when something happens to your pet.”

Lisa Annett

“Words cannot adequately express the depth of my gratitude and the feelings in my heart.

Thank you for giving Bubbles a dignified and compassionate final leg on her journey.”

Christine & Drew

“We just want to say thank you again for your kindness when we had to say goodbye to Lady on the 14th June. It was a difficult thing to do as you know but we were so glad we asked you to do the cremation.

You came across as really caring people and that meant so much. We miss Lady very much but I know she had a good home for 14 years and maybe if she hadn't been with us her wee life might not have been so good.”

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