We want you to have complete peace of mind and that your pet will be well cared for on its final journey and through this section we hope to answer any questions you may have.

Some frequently asked questions and their answers are outlined below; if you have questions not found here, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What types of pet can be cremated at PetsFarewell Pet and Horse Crematorium?

Any type of pet may be cremated, from small breeds such as gerbils, birds, rabbits and guinea pigs up to our larger friends. We have on occasion cremated pet pigs and larger goats. We now have facilities to individually cremate horses and ponies.

What does an individual cremation actually mean?

An individual cremation is when your pet is cremated separately from other pets, after which all the ashes of that pet are collected and returned in a choice of vessels from out range of caskets and scatter boxes.

This enables us to guarantee the ashes we return are those of your pet and only your pet.

Is pet cremation expensive?

The costs of pet cremations vary, depending on the size of your pet and what the pet owner chooses.

We will inform you of the full price and choices available when you are making the arrangements.

How do I make the final arrangements?

There are several options:

  • You can contact and visit us directly, all details are on the contact us page
  • We can arrange a home collection if needed.
  • Alternatively you can ask your veterinary practice to contact us directly on your behalf

What hours is PetsFarewell Pet and Horse Crematorium open?

We provide a service 24 hours a day 365 days of the year, with someone available to help you through the sad event of the passing of your loved one.

What happens if my pet dies evening or weekend?

You can contact us at anytime throughout the day or night to arrange for your pet to be collected or alternatively to come and spend time in our farewell room.

What if my pet dies while I am on holiday?

Your pet can still come direct to us, we can cremate according to your wishes using the attached “Expression of Wishes”.


Your veterinary practice may also be willing to keep your pet until you return.

Can I visit the crematorium?

You are welcome to visit the crematorium at any time, “by appointment” so we can give you and others the privacy you deserve

Can I be present at the time of my pet’s individual cremation?

At the moment due to where our chambers are situated this is not possible, we do however, have plans for the future that will allow for assisted cremation so you can be present if you wish. We can in the meantime provide photos/short video letting you see that the chamber is empty.

How do I get my pet to you?

You can bring your pet directly to us ( by appointment), alternatively you can contact us to arrange for collection from home or your veterinary practice.

Do you have a collection service?

Yes, we can arrange to collect your pet from home or your veterinary practice.

Can I leave my pet's favourite toy for burial or cremation?

Yes, you may place his/hers favourite toys, feeding bowl, special blankets, etc. with your pet that makes you feel comfortable.

The exceptions are items containing metal or batteries.

Will my pet be handled with care and dignity?

Yes, we treat all pets as if they were our own.

How long does an individual cremation take to perform?

The time required for an individual cremation will depend upon the size of the animal concerned. The process will be longer for a large pet such as a Newfoundland or Pony than for a smaller pet, such as a rabbit or bird.

What choices do I have for my pet´s ashes?

We have a wide selection of discreet yet fitting tributes, memorials and keepsakes for your pets, some of which can be engraved or include a photograph of your beloved pet. For further information please click here or use above navigation to view casket and memorial choices.

How are the ashes returned to me?

If you arranged your pets cremation directly by bringing your pet to us, or having your pet collected, we will agree the return date of your pets ashes with you.

If your pets cremation was arranged through your local veterinary clinic, the ashes will be returned to that practice for you to collect.

Will the ashes I get back really be those of my pet?

Your pet will be carefully identified throughout the process and is cremated in an individual chamber. We use individual tracking tags and unique identification numbers, ensuring the highest degree of accuracy possible until your loved one’s ashes are returned in a sealed container with a certificate of cremation.

How do I know if my veterinary practice uses PetsFarewell Pet and Horse Crematorium?

Many veterinary practices use our cremation services but it is best to ask if your practice does. Your veterinary practice won’t mind if you ask about which crematorium they use; they will want you to have peace of mind.

My vet doesn't use you - can you still help me?

Our service is available to all veterinary practices in Ireland. If we have not dealt with your vet before you can request that your pet to be collected from your vet by PetsFarewell Pet and Horse Crematorium, using the attached “Expression of Wishes”.

Remember this is your loved one and you should make all the arrangements for the final disposition.

Can I bury the ashes of my pet?

Yes you can bury them, we recommend our scatter tubes if you want the ashes to biodegrade. A range of memorial markers are available please go to Caskets/Urns.

Is cremation something that should be thought of before my pet dies?

Although this is something none of us like to think about it is better to be prepare. The loss of a loved companion can be very distressing, making it difficult to come to definite decisions.

We have experienced that families find it easier to make decisions regarding their pet’s final arrangements before the death occurs.

The creation of an “Expression of Wishes” document enables you to make informed decisions in advance of your pet's passing helping you to pre-plan and inform your vet of your wishes.

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