Arranging a Cremation

Losing a pet can not always be pre-arranged, we are always here to help. We aim to provide a service that:

Tailored services to suit your requirements.

  • can be tailored to you exact requirements, we will always do our best to make things as easy as possible during a very difficult time.
  • will help you to remember the special bond that you enjoyed with your pet, we can this by offering a variety of services, including hair clippings, paw prints, use of our memory pond. We also have. Large range of memorial and bespoke items.
  • is personal and discrete, of very high quality, at a reasonable price

When the time comes

You can contact us directly or have your veterinary practice do so.

A lot of owners choose to come directly to us when their pet passes away . On arrival you will be shown into our farewell room, if you have children, family members or other dogs with you they can be involved as well. Some people choose to stay a short while and others longer. We promise at all times we will look after your pet.

Coming directly means that you do not have to leave your pet behind at the vets, their final journey is with yourselves. It may also give peace of mind to come and meet us and see where your loved one will be going.


We have a collection service and can arrange to collect your pet from home or your veterinary practice. A simple call from yourselves or your vet will arrange this service.

Cremation options:

The options for pet cremation are:

  • Individual cremation, your pet will be cremated on its own – ashes are returned
  • Same day cremation (for individual cremations), which allows you can bring your pet to us say goodbye in the privacy of our farewell room; then stay in the local area whilst their individual cremation takes place before returning home with their ashes, later the same day. (This service incurs an additional charge)
    Please telephone for advice before choosing this option.
  • Communal cremation with disposal of the ashes, during which your pet will be cremated alongside other pets. With this option, no ashes are returned but are disposed of at a licensed waste site.

Visiting us

On arrival you will be asked to fill in some paper work including your details along with your pets. This paperwork stays with your pet during the whole process. The paperwork includes the date, time and your pets name meaning we can trace when cremation took place

After you have had some time, ian will take your loved one to the chambers where they will be gently placed and prepared for cremation. At this point if photos or video have been requested we will do this.

The process takes 3/4 hours from beginning to end. After cremation your loved one is removed and the remains are then prepared for going home.

Vet practices

We currently lift from veterinary practices throughout Ireland.

If we have not dealt with your vet before you can request that your pet to be collected from your vet by PetsFarewell Pet and Horse Crematorium, using the attached “Expression of Wishes”.

When your pet has been collected we will aim to give you a ring and let you know that your loved one is with us. At this point you can let us know if you have any special requirements.

The cremation process will be the same as above with ashes being returned to your vets or you can collect directly from pets farewell making use of our memory pond.

Options for your Pets ashes

Ashes are placed in a sealed plastic bag, along with pets name and details. The bag containing the ashes is then transferred to a cardboard scatter tube, wooden/carved/memorial box, etc. and returned to yourselves.

There are many options for scatter tubes, urns & memorials - see menu above.

We aim to have your companion ready to go home within 48 hours. Ashes can be collected from ourselves or we can return in person to you. (Extra charges may apply)


If you cannot find what you are looking for , need clarity on any of the options, or simply feel the need to talk about your companion passing away, feel free to give us a call or email us.

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